The band

Good Omens write and perform acoustic indie pop laced with elements of folk music. The soundscape is built upon rich vocal harmonies, subtle guitars and catchy drum rhythms mixed with playful melodies played on cello and piano.

The Helsinki-based band started creating together through a series of spontaneous park jamming sessions in the summer of 2012. Their self-produced debut album By Open Plain was recorded in the Finnish country-side and released through a German record label Beste! Unterhaltung in 2014.

Due to subsequent changes in the line-up the band has been focusing on creating a new musical vocabulary that mixes the harmonic and melodic body the band relies on with a growing sound that has evolved through experimentation with new musical instruments.

Their second album “All the Moving Parts” was recorded in Helsinki during 2016, and will be released in 2017. Echoing the spirit of restless hearts and wandering minds the album reflects the highs and lows of trying to find peace in constant change.


All The Moving Parts (2017)

1. Better Version of Me

2. Silent Spring

3. Penrose Stairs

4. Reminiscing Eyes

5. Old House

6. Meet Me Here

7. Footprints

8. Catch up

9. Far From Reach

10. Wait and see


Recorded by Eemu Ranta at Finnvox (drums, acoustic guitar), Studio Kekkonen (piano, rhodes, bass), Atomic Spa Studios (cello) and by Kia Sofia at MD-studio (vocals, electric guitar, percussion).

Mixed by Kia Sofia.

Mastered by Jussi Suonikko.

Cover art by Saara Piispa.

By Open Plain (2014)

1. Fingers Crossed

2. Better This Way

3. Waltz

4. Sun & Moon

5. Swim Or Sink

6. Good Omens

7. Don't Panic

8. Frozen Food

9. Eventide

10. Long Story

11. Bloomerang

12. Carry On


Recorded by Eemu Ranta in Toiska and Keuruu.

Mixed by Eemu Ranta and Patrik Andersson at Arska Studio

Mastered by Mikko Oinonen at Finnvox

Album art by Saara Piispa.

Label: Beste Unterhaltung




Folklandia, M/S Silja Europa

Past gigs


Arkadia Bookshop, Helsinki


Tenho Restobar, Helsinki


Kaustinen Folk Music Festival


Unikeonpäivä, Helsinki


Summer of Struggle, Helsinki


Café Europa, Tampere


Bar Kuka, Turku


Café Rongo, Porvoo


Arkadia Bookshop, Helsinki


Semifinal, Helsinki


Bar Loose, Helsinki


Omenapuutalo, Helsinki

Contact & booking


Tel. +358 40 7652411 / Minna Latva- Salo


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